Thousands of People in Barnsley Could Save Money by Cancelling Their Gym Memberships

There are thousands of people in Barnsley paying up to £50 a month for gym memberships that they use occasionally or not at all.

This means thousands of people in Barnsley are getting nothing in return for money they are spending each month.

This also means that thousands of people in your area aren’t getting the health and fitness results they wished for when they first joined a gym.

If you are reading this and you are paying gym membership fees monthly but never use it then why don’t you cancel your gym membership and save money?

If you have the intention to get healthy, lose weight or get in shape but aren’t achieving this then why not seek help?

Wouldn’t you prefer it when you’ve been to the gym knowing you have got the most of each visit?

Pro Active is Barnsley’s first and only Personal Training Gym. No membership fees, no minimum commitment and by appointment for your convenience.

Every gym visit is with a personal trainer in a private gym without any distractions from other gym users.

For more information please contact Anthony.


About Barnsley Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer - Private Gym – Barnsley - Dedicated to Natural Health and Fitness. Providing the environment conductive to the change you've already decided to make.
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1 Response to Thousands of People in Barnsley Could Save Money by Cancelling Their Gym Memberships

  1. In addition I would recommend people using independent gyms rather than the gym chains. They offer a more flexible approach to memberships and the choice to pay as you go. Above all the environment makes a friendlier experience and there is always someone willing to give you help.

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