How To Organise Your Kitchen

Make sure you have all the useful appliances in your kitchen to help you with food preparation. Keep work surfaces and cupboards tidy so you can move around quickly without any hassle. Above all stick with basic food prep methods so you don’t feel like a slave to healthy eating.

Store food in glass or ceramic containers, toxins can leach into the food when using plastic or cans.

You may decide to freeze leftovers to be used for a weeknight after work. To make life easier don’t forget to label meals that you do freeze.

Hanging a shopping list on your kitchen wall can be useful and save you money. Fill it in as you use up your supplies. Going shopping with a list will focus your attention on the items on the list and help to prevent compulsive buying.

Memo notes on the freezer door will also prove to be handy when you need to rely on leftovers for dinner.

Finally get into the habit of choosing shopping days so you can keep stocked up with fresh foods.


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2 Responses to How To Organise Your Kitchen

  1. Adam says:

    What should I have in my cupboards as a staple that will be healthy and useful (and nice to eat)?

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