80/20 Principles for Diets & Exercise

The 80/20 principle is when you do everything correct for at least 80% of the time.

This encompasses diet and exercise. I’ve seen too many people wanting to give up when something unexpected happens and prevents them from following their plan as strict as possible.

Eating and training the right way 80% of the time will give you enough vitality and condition to cope with the other 20% when things aren’t as smooth.

They are simple principles to live by and they work wonders. The 80/20 methods give you a little freedom and breathing space from the monotonous all or nothing approach. If you use them correctly they will have a powerful impact on your goals.

The rules I recommend in addition to the 80/20 principles are not to abuse the 20%. Don’t allow yourself more than one bad meal in a row. Your 20% allowance in one week could potentially mean at least a whole day worth of eating the wrong way. Not a great habit to get into especially if you have a history of bad eating habits. All you are doing is making it harder for yourself long-term.

For best results use the 20% for unavoidable circumstances. This way you will prevent yourself from feeling guilty if you choose to eat treats and skip workouts.


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