How To Get A Figure Like Gwyneth Paltrow – The Practical & Realistic Way

I’ve just been reading about a popular transformation diet by a celebrity personal trainer. Unless you have time to exercise three hours a day, six days a week and stick to a strict low-calorie diet including hideous shakes forget it. Even if you could maintain that approach still forget about it. There is a healthier, safer and simpler approach that won’t burn you out and make you look and feel lethargic. In other words a sustainable way to diet and look good.

The first step is to eliminate certain foods from your diet.

This clean diet approach helps you lose pounds and inches with the added benefit of detoxifying the body. No need to weigh foods and no need to step on the weighing scales everyday. The latter will just turn you into an obsessed dieter and psychologically derail you.

To achieve the maximum results with dieting and fat loss it is essential to follow the eight guidelines below.

1. Drink plenty of mineral water
2. Eat only natural fresh, non-processed foods
3. Cut out all dairy products apart from natural live yoghurt, organic butter & eggs
4. Cut out all sugar
5. Cut out all wheat
6. Cut out all alcohol
7. Cut out all caffeine
8. Eat organic whenever possible

This is where you gasp and say what is there left for me to eat. Spend a little time searching and you will discover there are literally hundreds of foods you can still have.

I’m not saying you have to stick to these guidelines everyday for the rest of your life but if you did you would likely have a higher level of health than someone who didn’t.

The point I want to get across is if you eliminate the foods above for at least 30 days and implement the above guidelines into your day-to-day lifestyle then you will achieve quick fat loss results. It may be the only way to ever get the ball rolling. Exercise alone can’t do it.

Tips about what kind of exercises works best can be found elsewhere on this blog.


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