Use Proper Exercise Technique For Maximum Results & Wellbeing

The most common injuries in a gym are related to poor exercise technique. Proper technique is important in order to reduce chances of injury and gain maximum results. Lack of control when using barbells or dumbbells can be harmful especially when a beginner starts training.

Lower the weight
Start with a lower weight and make sure that the form is perfect. Progressively increase the weight until you can perform the exercise without cheating. Jerking the weight will only result in potential injuries.

Learn the movement
Strive to become a technical perfectionist and respect the basic motion of each body part. No twisting, turning or contorting should result when pushing or pulling weight. Concentrate on the movement and feel the muscle working. If you’re distracted or preoccupied when working out, you’re inviting injury and poor results.

Have a good workout and train smartly!
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