Is Your Diet Working?

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Dieters have been led to believe counting calories or points is the best way to lose weight even though the long-term success rate is very poor.

Following a calorie restricted diet will only work at the beginning of a diet because a calorie deficit is more beneficial than a calorie surplus regardless of what the calories are.

As soon as your body gets over this correction the quality of the calories you ingest and the way in which you get them into your diet is everything.

Is your diet working for you?
Are you finding it difficult to reach your ideal body weight?
Are you losing weight but not body fat?
Are your energy levels consistent?
Are your meals keeping you satiated for up to 5 hours?

If you answered NO – your diet is broken and isn’t working for you!

If you are interested in learning how to fix your diet and lose weight and body fat quickly without the need to count calories or points please get in touch today!


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