Training For Weight Loss

personal fitness instructor
The best way to approach exercise for rapid weight loss is to concentrate on multi joint exercises using your own body weight or free weights as resistance. Let your body become the gym – move your body in the way it was designed and not what a piece of gym equipment dictates.

You will burn more calories and build core strength and flexibility if you stay away from fixed range of motion resistance machines and boring cardio equipment. Most of the equipment you find in commercial gyms can be dangerous when used long-term and incorrectly, they are also inadequate for the type of results most people want.

Find some key movements your body can tolerate away from machines and work them hard. Work on your flexibility if it’s a limiting factor to what you can do correctly and safely. Include exercises that cover every type of movement pattern so you don’t end up with muscle imbalances that can lead to pain and injuries. Get professional help or research exercises that cover all the movement patterns so you can have a balanced exercise programme. Never get complacent with the same exercise programme for too long, continually modify and progress and challenge yourself. Be a winner!


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