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Get Lean For Summer

Diet The first and most effective step you can take is cleaning up your diet. There are lots of little steps you can take. Check out my diet blog for help. Exercise If you want to be lean, exercise consistency … Continue reading

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Personal Training Gift Vouchers

Vouchers are available for the value of any amount of sessions. Email or call 01226 293949 or 07761 790 151 for full details. Help improve the wellbeing of someone you care about today!

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Training For Weight Loss

The best way to approach exercise for rapid weight loss is to concentrate on multi joint exercises using your own body weight or free weights as resistance. Let your body become the gym – move your body in the way … Continue reading

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Is Your Diet Working?

Dieters have been led to believe counting calories or points is the best way to lose weight even though the long-term success rate is very poor. Following a calorie restricted diet will only work at the beginning of a diet … Continue reading

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