The 54321 Workout

This is part of a poster I found on my computer for the cardio workouts I invented over 6 years ago for die-hard cardio fans. It is actually the most successful programme I have ever sold and most remembered for at the commercial gym I used to freelance at in Sheffield. I’ll never forget the response I would get from the members that used the workouts. I would even get the other trainers clients coming up to me to thank me for the 54321 workouts. Ideas get stolen and borrowed from other trainers in this business I’m afraid but at least the trainer was upfront with their clients and always gave me credit for the 54321 system.

Having said all this you may be aware that I’m not an advocate of cardio training for fat and weight loss goals. Read my posts “The Fat Cardio Myth” and learn why I don’t support a cardio only approach. But there can be a place for traditional cardio training in your workouts; this depends on different factors and knowing how to implement it.

In the next few days I will tell you more about the 54321 workouts and the reasons it was so successful. More importantly you will learn if you are wasting your time doing standard cardio training.


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