Food Shopping

If you don’t buy healthy foods you can’t eat healthy foods! People on diets and people who want to eat healthier tend to make the wrong choices when shopping. Their limited knowledge leads them to eating the same kinds of foods over and over again resulting in little or no change to how they look and feel.

On today’s post I’m going to focus on food shopping for breakfast and lunchtimes. Regardless of whether you buy in advance or if you are out and about. You will quickly see there are healthy options available if you know what to look for.

Some protein foods for breakfast & lunch
Natural yoghurt
Cottage cheese
Nuts & seeds
Almond nut butter
Cold cuts of meat or leftovers
Gluten free pate
Ready to eat fish e.g. smoked mackerel
Tinned wild fish
Boiled eggs (can eat cold)
Whey protein powder

Being organised and making sure you have these foods in stock is the key. It makes life much more easier and gives you control over what you eat. It may look basic but it is very effective at giving you healthier alternatives for breakfast and lunchtimes. As you can see these foods are convenient to take to work and eat anywhere.

Some carbohydrate foods to go with the above
Fruit & berries
Rice cakes
Bag of washed spinach
Jacket potato
Cooked rice
Salad bowl
Sugar snap peas
Any other vegetable you like eating raw or cold after cooking

And finally some healthy fats
Flax seed powder / oil


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