Don’t Cut Back On ALL Dietary Fat

Fat is a vital part of a healthy body and healthy metabolism. Drop dietary fat consumption too low and your metabolism does its best to hold on to those precious fat stores that you so desperately want to be rid of.

Not all-dietary fat is bad for you. It’s trans-fats in vegetable oils and margarine that are the ones you need to get rid of, not the good fats that you find in organic grass-fed beef, free-range poultry and net caught fish.

The fats in nuts, seeds and legumes are really good for you too and should definitely not be cut from your diet if you’re serious about losing fat.

Fat won’t make you fat if you’re consuming it in reasonable amounts. In fact, the opposite is true.

Cut only the trans fats and vegetable oils from your diet but maintain a healthy intake of natural oils and fats from your foods, especially coconut oil and omega 3 fish oils.


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    Hi you have a fantastic blog. Thanks!

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    thanks for the article…very nice and interesting keep posting more…

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