There Are No Magic Pills or Quick Fix Potions

Being a personal trainer I constantly get badgered by reps to sell their brand of food supplements to my clients. Having experience of using supplements myself a long time ago and the ability to define between good and bad I’d like to share with you some tips about using food supplements.

First of all there are good and bad supplements. Most of what you find on the high street and mainstream websites are a waste of money and could probably cause you more harm than good. Many supplements are unhealthy versions of what they promise to be. You only have to look at the ingredients label to confirm this. Spending a little time learning about the basics about nutrition could save you a lot of time and how best to spend your money.

Good supplements on the other hand are expensive, that’s a fact. When it comes to supplements you need to know what they are and why you would want to take them. Then you need to find the best version of that supplement you can afford and do some research to see if they will best serve you long-term. If you take a supplement because you have read it is good for you it probably won’t solve your problem and could cause new problems.

Consider this, vitamins and minerals and all the other stuff that are good for us can be found in nature and our bodies are designed to ingest them within foods and not individually in high doses.


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