More About The 54321 Workouts

How can cardio training be beneficial?
If you want fat and weight loss results then this answer all depends on where you are on the scale with your training experience i.e. the type of workouts you are familiar with. If you are a complete beginner or have never done resistance type workouts then your knowledge of what works best will hold you back. Not only will this prevent you from getting results but also not knowing how to execute proper exercise technique will compromise your efforts. If you fall into this category then for a limited time cardio based workouts would be better than doing nothing because they are easier to perform in terms of technique.

Remember that your body adapts to whatever you throw at it, sometimes in a matter of weeks. Therefore it is important to perform interval type training with your cardio workouts, this will help burn more calories and challenge the cardiovascular system more. This is done by doing a period of steady pace followed by a higher pace and repeated until the end of the workout time. The ratio’s to apply this can vary on individual fitness levels. Anywhere from a 1:1 ratio to a 3:1 ratio is common.

If your goal is to look better, the sooner you can move onto resistance type workouts the quicker you will get feedback.

What’s the best way to implement cardio training in a workout?
Most people who regularly do cardio workouts in gyms tend to do cardio workouts followed by a short stint of resistance training. The answer to which to do first depends on the individual, their training goals and the type of resistance exercises used.

You can get a cardiovascular response from resistance training when done properly; this should be your first choice if you are looking to change the way you look. If you don’t know how to do that or you are just a die-hard cardio fan that won’t give up that hamster wheel then there are some factors to consider.

For endurance training the cardio should be done first before the resistance type exercises. When you consider that most people and even professional athletes have postural issues doing resistance type exercise first would weaken the posture and make it worse during the endurance training. This would in time lead to more postural problems and potential injury.

My advice is if resistance training is following cardio training then stay away from the technical free weight movements that require perfect exercise technique to avoid injury. A beneficial resistance-training workout is better done as a stand-alone workout regardless of goals.

Why are the 54321 workouts successful?
After seeing so many people spending hours each week doing monotonous exercise workouts on cardio machines I wanted to be able to offer people a cardiovascular workout that could be challenging yet short enough to avoid boredom. A plan with a structure that would encourage a weekly routine and therefore discourage drop out was its main aim.

The reason it’s so successful is because there are many different approaches to the workout.

Are you wasting your time doing cardio workouts?
If you have read and digested the information above you should have a clear idea if you are wasting your time doing cardio training or not. If you answer yes to the following questions then it is likely you are wasting your time for your efforts.

Do you keep the same pace during your workouts?

Are your workouts longer than 25 minutes? (That’s including a 5-minute warm up & a 5-minute cool down!)

Are you finding it hard lose weight?

Have you been doing the same cardio workouts for longer than 8 weeks?

Are you trying to cancel out a bad diet by doing more?

Entry Level 54321 Workout
Step 1. Choose either the Cross Trainer or Bike, whichever you choose stick with the same for the duration of the workout. Now choose a level of resistance and maintain the rpm (speed) for 5 minutes.

Step 2. Immediately go to the Rower or Treadmill, whichever you choose stick with the same for the duration of the workout. If you choose the Rower, Row 500m, if you choose the Treadmill Run 400m.

Step 3. Immediately go back to the Cross Trainer or Bike and increase the level by one and maintain the rpm (speed) for 4 minutes this time.

Step 4. Immediately go back to the Rower or Treadmill and repeat the same meters as before.

Keep going from one to another until you end up with 1 minute on the Cross Trainer or Bike.

Just to recap: Do four Runs or Rows between the times on the Cross Trainer or Bike. The Cross Trainer and Bike: increase by a level every time you go back to them. You goal is to maintain the same speed, make it challenging. Starting with 5 minutes knock a minute off every time until you finish on 1 minute.

Between the time on the Cross Trainer and Bike – Row 500m or Run 400m. This distance doesn’t change; the level is dependable on personal fitness levels. It’s a race so try to beat your previous time and record your time on each.


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  1. matt says:

    This is a smart blog. I mean it. You have so much knowledge about this issue, and so much passion. You also know how to make people rally behind it, obviously from the responses. Great job, indeed.

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