Are You Ready to Quit Exercise & Dieting?

If you aren’t getting results with exercise and dieting then its time to look at what you may be doing wrong.

Are any of the following familiar with you.

Deprived sleep
Use stimulants (such as coffee)
Skip breakfast
Eat processed food
Eat junk food
Don’t drink enough water
Consume excessive calories
Consume the wrong calories
Follow extreme diets
High stress levels
Lead a sedentary lifestyle
Binge eat
Binge drink
Do too much exercise with not enough rest
Don’t do any resistance type exercise

Any of the above could prevent you from reaching your goal. This includes weight loss, fat loss, more strength, more stamina, better health, better fitness and to generally look and feel better.

The more you tick on the list the harder it’s going to be for you to experience the benefits of health and fitness. Take steps to reduce the load and do whatever it takes to change. The quicker you do this the quicker your body will change.


About Barnsley Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer - Private Gym – Barnsley - Dedicated to Natural Health and Fitness. Providing the environment conductive to the change you've already decided to make.
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