Balancing Hormones – The Secret To Fat Loss

People get hung up about counting calories without paying much attention to the quality or type of calories they are eating.

This is because counting calories have been the main focus of the diet industry for years and continues to be so. Flogging calorie restriction as the answer to weight and fat loss problems without any advice about real nutrition continues to be the trend but unsuccessful for the dieter.

Could it be possible the diet industry is keeping people fat on purpose and guarding certain information in order to generate recurring revenue?

Just think about the billions the diet industry makes each year. If they produced everlasting results they would be out of business and out of a lot of money.

One thing that does work for losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight is balancing hormones. This is the key and to help achieve this the first step is to eat protein with every meal.

Protein raises hormones that help break down fat. Protein also helps to stabilise blood sugar levels. Without protein present there would be high blood sugar levels and too much insulin released after a meal leading to fat storage. Protein increases metabolism more than carbohydrate foods and they are more satiating than carbohydrates.

Dieters should focus on types of calories each mealtime rather than amount of calories.


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