There’s No Need To Weigh Food & Count Calories

“Don’t worry this isn’t rocket science or time-consuming, in fact it is absolutely simple.”

First of all I have to say that I don’t recommend weighing foods or counting calories. I have spent years in the past doing this and playing scientist with percentages etc. Not only is it unnecessary but it also consumes too much time. I learnt a much better way that requires no commitment or valuable time. Beside it isn’t natural to weigh foods and count calories. No other living thing on this planet does it so why should we. Do you think cavemen knew what a calorie was?

The system I recommend can be used anywhere, even if you are eating out and not in control of your food preparation. The system I am talking about is using the same visual portion for each food group.

Not only is it easy to remember but also consistent every time you eat something.

This is the system I use with great success:

A Portion of Protein = the size of a deck of cards.

A Portion of Carbohydrates = should be able to fit in the palm of your hand.

Remember this a visual method for consistency, there is definitely no need to get hung up about the accuracy. Keeping a tape measure handy to confirm the size to the nearest millimetre does not apply!

The longer you practise using this visual method the easier it will become. You will develop a natural instinct about each food group and the correct portion size for each type of food you eat. Then you can determine how many portion sizes per food group works best for you at each mealtime.


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