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The Kind Of Workouts You Can Expect At Pro Active

Workouts are planned to allow you to burn a ton of calories in as little time as possible. The main part of each workout lasts 30 minutes or less, the rest of the workout time is used for isolation exercises … Continue reading

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Free Weights Are Safer Than Machines – They Give You More Variety in Exercise Choices & Better Abs!

The most common argument for the use of machines is that they’re safer. There is nothing safe about a fixed range of motion. Most machines jam people’s joints into awkward positions, making them less safe than with free weights. Because … Continue reading

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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Fast

A high level of visceral fat causes the stomach to distend. Visceral fat is internal fat. It is actually underneath your six-pack muscles and covers your organs. People who have high levels of visceral fat are also insulin resistant and … Continue reading

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Exercises You Must Try If You Want To Transform Your Body Shape

Most pieces of gym equipment cater for working only one or two muscles at a time. What has this got to do with losing weight or shaping the body?

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