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The Kind Of Workouts You Can Expect At Pro Active

Workouts are planned to allow you to burn a ton of calories in as little time as possible. The main part of each workout lasts 30 minutes or less, the rest of the workout time is used for isolation exercises … Continue reading

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Free Weights Are Safer Than Machines – They Give You More Variety in Exercise Choices & Better Abs!

The most common argument for the use of machines is that they’re safer. There is nothing safe about a fixed range of motion. Most machines jam people’s joints into awkward positions, making them less safe than with free weights. Because … Continue reading

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How To Cure Boredom From Exercising

How do you cure boredom from doing the same workouts every week? Set a challenge! Just for something different, forget about doing your regular workout. Set a challenge that involves only your body weight. Choose exercises that will work your … Continue reading

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Always Choose Free Weights Before Machines

Using free weights instead of gym machines requires more effort and a greater recruitment of muscles particularly from the core. Using free weights also has a higher calorie demand and gives you alternatives for the same movement patterns.

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Core Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Three-Part Side Flexion Instructions 1. Lying on your side with the knees and hips flexed to 90°. This exercise has three parts. 2. Part one: Rotate your top leg to lift your foot, pause and slowly lower. 3. Part two: … Continue reading

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On the 14th of March this year I had my first personal training session with Anthony. I regularly go to the gym and although at the time was pleased with my workout programme I thought I needed a point in … Continue reading

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For Best Results Stay Away From Gym Machines

The downside to exercising on a piece of gym equipment designed for a particular movement is that you burn fewer calories and work fewer muscles than if you were to do the same exercise using free weights. This is due … Continue reading

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Exercises You Must Try If You Want To Transform Your Body Shape

Most pieces of gym equipment cater for working only one or two muscles at a time. What has this got to do with losing weight or shaping the body?

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