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Why Do You Need to Train Hard?

You should train hard so you can achieve your goals, whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, get stronger, or simply look better. Most people who go to the gym merely show up and go through the motions. It’s … Continue reading

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Would You Like A Leaner Physique?

Are weekly gym visits failing to make an impression on the way you look? Are you miffed that all your hard work in the gym isn’t working for you? Are you confused why certain health foods aren’t helping you look … Continue reading

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Advice About Getting Weighed

Avoid the mental torture of routinely getting weighed because it won’t tell you everything. Chasing numbers isn’t the way to get slim. Numbers on the scale won’t tell you that your diet stinks and your exercise routine isn’t good enough. … Continue reading

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Pick Up Some Weights

Training with resistance needs to be the priority in your exercise programme especially if you want to lose fat. Muscle tissue is metabolically active. The more challenging the workout the more calories you will burn. Steer clear of activities that … Continue reading

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