Dispelling The Myth About Weight Training For Women

Most women who want to get in shape or drop a dress size or two would rather choose cardio machines instead of anything to do with lifting weights as their preferred choice of exercise. Resistance exercises for weight loss is just as misunderstood as all the food myths for dieting.

Below are some reasons or reassurances why you won’t look like Jodie Marsh if you use weights as your fat burning tool. But above all you will learn of the advantages of training with weights instead of cardio equipment in order to look better and lose the pounds.

#1 – Big muscles or a ripped physique don’t happen overnight. It isn’t a case of going to the gym and lifting a few weights and waking up the next day with irreversible big muscles that you are stuck with for life.

#2 – Women with a body that has bulging muscles and looks toned and distinguished has attained it with years and years of hard training and strict nutritional control, or with the help of performance drugs.

#3 – Women have less muscle-building hormones then men and it is rare for a woman to develop big muscles naturally.

#4 – If women were able to build muscles easily they would just as easily be able to decrease the size of the muscles by resorting back to training with no weights.

#5 – The advantage of resistance training over traditional cardio training is significant. Done properly, resistance training will create a cardiovascular response; killing two birds with one stone and saving heaps of time.

One of the numerous benefits includes the functional benefit, which has a carry over effect to daily living, and most sports. But more importantly it will shape the body making it more aesthetically pleasing at the same time as toning muscle tissue. As soon the muscles begin to work frequently under resistance it speeds up the rate you burn calories and it makes it easier to reduce body fat from the places you hate.

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