How to Burn Extra Calories

By tweaking your current workout it is possible to lose weight quicker.

Metabolic finishers take minutes and the metabolic after burn lasts hours. Some people do hours of cardio every week in the hope to lose fat but never get anywhere near the results they want. They even split their workouts into two so they do some exercise first thing on a morning and again in the evening, big mistake and a big waste of time!

A metabolic finisher at the end of your workout will help boost your progress and save you loads of time.

Do the following two exercises back to back for 3-5 rounds, resting for 30 seconds between rounds (or until your heart rate falls to 130 BPM).

Kettlebell Swings (20)
Walking Lunges with Rotation (16-24 steps)
Use a medicine ball or weight plate for resistance.


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