More Essential Health & Fitness Tips You May Have Missed or Neglected in 2012

Choose One New Healthy Habit At A Time – Not 10 or 20
Small, simple changes can help you reap large results. Decide to do one small thing each day, such as drinking more water first thing in the morning or cutting down on artificially sweetened drinks. A few small daily steps can help you stick with new changes.

Why Do You Need to Train Hard?
You should train hard so you can achieve your goals, whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, get stronger, or simply look better.

Most people who go to the gym merely show up and go through the motions. It’s great they’re at the gym, but they aren’t getting anything out of their time and efforts.

Training hard will ensure you get the desired results and that you aren’t wasting your time. People tend to follow the path of least resistance, but it won’t get them to their goals. The solution: train hard!

You must challenge your body as well as your mind. Sometimes an exercise is more mentally challenging than it is physically.

Next time you are in the gym use a challenging weight and compound exercises. Maintain focus the entire time even during warm-ups, and train hard using proper form.

The Healthy Habit Of Lean People
People that care about the way they look put preparation into looking that way. They prepare their food the night before or first thing in the morning. Even if they don’t need to prepare their food they will more than likely know what they will be eating for the day ahead.

The healthy habit of lean people is thinking ahead and preventing situations that could lead them in the wrong direction towards getting lean.


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