A Beginners Guide To Counting Calories and Exercising

Reducing calories and increasing the amount of exercise you do won’t work for long-term weight loss and fat loss. It isn’t practical or healthy to keep reducing calories or to increase exercise volume to unsustainable levels when results grind to a halt.

If this was the case how come so many people on low-calorie diets are still fat and most gym members fail to get the results they want? If this sounds like you stop counting calories and pay attention to the quality of the calories you consume. 2000 calories from vegetables, free-range meats and healthy fats aren’t the same as 2000 calories from low-fat, low sugar processed foods.

If you are capable of jumping back on the treadmill at the end of your exercise session for 10-20 minutes to make up for bad lifestyle choices then your exercise routine is probably designed wrong for your goals unless you are training for endurance. If you want fat loss and weight loss and to look athletic and toned you need to step it up a notch, you can either train long or train hard, you can’t do both!


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