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Defying Gravity: The Gym Equipment That Tones Every Muscle in The Body

The Gravity Training System (GTS) “Total Gym” works every muscle in the body in order to tone, strengthen and improve flexibility. I’ve had the pleasure of owning one since 2006. It features a moving glide board and a changeable incline … Continue reading

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Improve Muscle Tone With Weights

Exercise that increases lean muscle tissue is good news for both men and women; more muscle means a faster metabolism and a lower body fat percentage. You can get very strong and lean without looking like a bodybuilder. Heavier weights … Continue reading

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7 Mistakes Made By Gym Members

Do you have little to show for all the time you spend at the gym each week? Are you unwittingly following ineffective advice or do you expect to get results by doing what you think is best? Try avoiding these … Continue reading

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Can Exercise Help Turn Fat Into Muscle?

Fat is fat and muscle is muscle. The right approach to exercise helps reduce body fat levels and tone muscles. The end result will be a lean physique with a strong athletic look.

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